Crazy Car Rally leaves Byron Bay in 2 weeks - Mystery Box Rally raising coney for cancer research

On Saturday 17th August 2019 at 9am, almost 400 participants will start their car engines in Byron Bay with no idea where they are going. Driven by a desire to help find a cure for cancer, they are taking part in Mystery Box Rally – one of Australia’s largest independently run fundraisers for Cancer Council.

The annual Mystery Box Rally is not your average car rally. Teams of two must pack their belongings into a car, 25 years or older, and drive thousands of kilometres over five days with maps of that day’s destination only distributed each morning. The unique event challenges participants to experience a similar journey what cancer patients face – a journey into the unknown.

Dirt roads, dress ups and breakdowns are guaranteed, along with a sense of mystery and adventure, which encourages teams to work together.

What’s not a mystery are the epic fundraising efforts. 2019’s fundraising goal is $1 million, with totals already reaching and incredible $830,000, with two weeks to go.

The rally is part of Box Rallies, which includes Shitbox Rally; devised in 2009 by James Freeman after both his parents died of cancer within 12 months of each other. Shitbox Rally is now the leading individual fundraiser for Cancer Council nationally. Box Rallies has generated over $20 million to Cancer research plus media awareness for Cancer Council – helping the lives of millions of Australians who are facing their unknown journeys.

Founder James Freeman says: “Mystery Box Rally is not a race, but a reward for fundraising efforts. All of our rallies are so much fun, but Mystery Box keeps delivering year after year with more and more people returning to participate. In 2019, teams will start and finish in the most Eastern Town in Australia, Byron Bay.

“The teams have done an incredible job by raising over $3.5 million since the rally started in 2013 and we are hoping that from this year (2019) onwards Mystery Box Rally will be raising $1 million annually.”


9AM SATURDAY AUGUST 17th 2019 *Cars will arrive from 7.30am*







Box Rallies has helped fund over 24 Cancer Council research projects since 2010 with life-changing outcomes, including:

  • Developing a way to calculate the safest and most effective dose of radiation for prostate cancer patients based solely on their MRI scan, improving accuracy and reducing healthcare costs.
  • Finding new compounds that can target the deadliest type of malignant brain tumour – glioblastoma multiforme.
  • Creating the Australian Melanoma Genome Project – the largest dataset of analysed melanoma whole genome sequences in the world, and one of the largest of any cancer. By targeting genes that increase the risk of cancer, new treatments can be created. This information will identify the genetic faults that lead to the development of melanoma and how to target them.
  • Identifying a treatment to block the development and spread of neuroblastoma cells and for the therapy of untreatable neuroblastoma – the most prevalent solid tumour in early childhood.

Source: Mystery Box Rally