Councils welcome Business Hardship Package

The local government sector in the Northern Territory welcomes the $180m plan to help local businesses announced by the Chief Minister.

“Councils have always assisted individuals and businesses facing hardship and we understand that businesses in particular are suffering financial strain as a result of COVID-19 and that many need help right now.” Explained Mayor Damien Ryan LGANT President

LGANT is the voice of local government in the Northern Territory, representing all 17 municipal and regional councils, 63 local authorities, 66 remote communities with a physical council presence and 614 homelands with over 100 Aboriginal languages and dialects. We provide leadership, support, representation and advocacy on behalf of our member councils for the benefit of their communities.

Councils are acting now and planning for the future to help local economies bounce back when normality returns.

“Councils are in many ways businesses too and are acutely aware of how difficult it is to cover payroll tax, pay utilities bills, pay wages, service debt and keep the doors open.” Mayor Ryan continued.

Local government makes a significant contribution to the Northern Territory economy as collectively councils employ around 3,000 Territorians, is the largest employer of Indigenous people in remote and regional areas, manage and control assets and infrastructure valued at over $2.2 billion, is responsible for over 14,000 kilometres of roads and receive and expend over $500 million in the Northern Territory annually.

Our individual member councils will consider the request from the Chief Minister for targeted rates relief for businesses experiencing demonstrated hardship at their next Council meeting.

We will do our bit to share the pain with our businesses and we are ready to make the tough decisions.

Source: LGA NT